Keen for Quinoa? WTF IS IT?

quick facts.  Quinoa. You either have heard of it, or you haven’t. Assuming you haven’t, it is a super whole grain that provides a whole lot of essential nutrients to the human body in each serving consumed. They are a gluten free whole grain which can be substituted for rice, and even can be used in salads. They are liked for their nutty flavour and great texture. High in amino acids, which are essential and found in some forms of protein, but quinoa is also high in fibre and iron. Try it out one day because it is so easy … Continue reading Keen for Quinoa? WTF IS IT?

One of my fave breakfasts, ever.

One of my favourite breakfasts that I’ve ever had out recently was at XS espresso in Wetherill Park, Western Sydney. This one was a pesto avocado poached egg on toast with goats cheese and rocket. The flavours were just a perfect match. My sister had the acai bowl behind it, and we also had a Berry Blast fresh juice to accompany our breakfast. So amazing. You really forget you’re eating healthy when you are distracted by perfectly paired flavour combinations and tasty foods. Seriously makes your day.   Continue reading One of my fave breakfasts, ever.