Acai heaven

Don’t know what acai is? Read up!

Food of the day: my other favourite superfood, the acai berry. Hailing from the rainforests of Brazil, this tiny black berry is so rich in antioxidants and delicious when eaten in smoothies and acai bowls. Here is a acai blend purΓ©e with granola and fresh fruits. The best way to eat it

The acai berry derives from a particular palm tree, Oleracea which grows edible berries that are known for their great nutritional properties, as well as taste and versatility.

The plants, which originated in Brazil and Central/South America, was a staple food source for people’s such as the Amazon rain forest inhabitants. However, upon the commercial rise of the acai berry, it has now entered commercial production to accommodate the growing international interest for the berry.

As far as nutrition goes, the acai berry contains many nutrients, including good amounts of protein, dietary fibre, protein, calcium, vitamin A and oleic and palmitic acids.

In addition to this, as they are a staple to many indigenous groups in South America, the high content of polyunsaturated fats and fatty acids meant that they were a good source of nutrition in areas with lack of access to a variety of nutritional foods.

The best way to eat acai is in powdered or puree form. They are usually sold in frozen packs, or powdered containers, great for making acai bowls and healthy smoothies and drinks. If you’re in Sydney, check out Culture Bean Cafe in Kogarah, or in Western Sydney, XS Espresso for some great Acai cafe experiences!

Sydney Brunch lyf.


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