Sharing your PERF breakfast

This beauty was at Whispers Cafe in Parramatta Westfield. Hidden gem. Check it out!

If there is one thing that is really popular right now, it is posting images of your food onto Social Media, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or whatever else is super popular at this minute.

The funny thing? Now it is popular, and socially acceptable to sit at the dining table or eatery and, take a photo of your meal. LOL. Who in their right mind would do such a thing?

Back in the days, maybe rewind 5 years, it was not really a thing, to take photos of food. That was kept to the professionals with their SLR’s, and those who put them in magazines or create menus. Regular people just don’t do that. How impolite to other diners?

Awkward, let us fast forward where most tables when you eat out have people telling their food to say “cheese’. Awkward, right? Shouldn’t it at least be “humans”?

Jokes aside, it used to be really rude to see camera flashes go off indoors, but now that would just be embarrassing, if anything!

And these images are up for the world, and your friends to see. Because people have a deeper interest in food, and a larger passion for it. I call it the “foodie phenomenon”. It is something that is just here blooming in recent years, but we love to eat out, and we love to share pictures of it.

That is why I wanted to make this blog, because we love to share food, you and I, and your peers, so why not create a hub where society can understand nutrition better from such a phenomenon?

Let’s make sure people understand WHAT they’re taking a photo of, and WHAT are the good and bad things they should know about their #foodporn.

I hope you will follow me and continue to read our posts. I think it is important to share your PERF dishes with society, because together we can be better educated and aware on nutrition, environmental impacts and societal moves as a whole.
Sydney Brunch Lyf


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