Spice up your life [With Tumeric]

Check this healthy latte alternative out at Bondi whole foods!

This morning brew right here is referred to as a tumeric latte. Whaat- you might ask? This little baby is made from the spice tumeric and coconut milk to give you a smooth, silky and spicy morning cuppa that is incredibly great for you. This “golden milk” has a great history of being immune boosting and digestive system savour. This ancient Chinese root herb is quite magical. But warning, the taste is acquired, so give it a go. Let me know if you try it

It would be really useless of me if I didn’t tell you about why Tumeric has been used for YEARS in both medicine and food industries. To start with, Tumeric contains an anti-inflammatory substance called curcumin, which has antioxidant properties. Not only is it used as a taste booster, in countries such as Sri Lanka and India, but it is said to cure many ailments such as warding off dementia, helping reduce arthritis and prevent cancer.

Maybe you should eat curry more often?

Check out this little stat form the Body and Soul website! Astounding!
According to the World Alzheimer’s Report 2009, 3.6 per cent of South Asians over the age of 60 suffer from dementia, compared with 6.4 per cent of Australasians and 7.2 per cent of Western Europeans

– Because it is anti-inflammatory, it can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, lowering cholesterol in the human body.

– There are emerging studies that also show that the antioxidants may also ward off cold and flu viruses

– Diabetics are also in luck- tumeric is shown to lower blood sugar levels, which is very important. However, doctors advise to strongly monitor blood sugar levels to ensure they don’t lower it too much in conjunction with diabetic medications.

3 Ways to add Tumeric to your life
– Sprinkle over savoury dishes such as rice, pasta, soups, beans or salads. Saaah versatile really.
– Add tumeric to taste to your sweet drinks such as smoothies or yogurt!
– Chop up fresh tumeric root [from your grocer or specialty store] and boil a 4-inch size piece chopped into 1 inch pieces and boil in cups of water for 15 mins. Cool water, discard tumeric and add lemon, honey or spice. Great alternative to iced tea, lasts 3 days in the fridge!

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