Fresh Salmon

Don’t forget the powers of Salmon!

Next time you go out for lunch, consider ordering the salmon option. Salmon is a nutrient dense protein that is amazingly healthy. High in protein and essential vitamins and minerals such as B12 and potassium, the reason salmon’s a winner is their amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. HEALTHY fats that are essential for good health.

Salmon does get overlooked quite a bit in both the supermarket and the restaurant. Problem is, people associate it with “expensive”, but don’t realise how good it is for you, and how it can be affordable.

Grocery Tip: Don’t forget the nutrition packed into tinned salmon! Smaller portion size, smaller price!

Watch for sales in the seafood market/section, you may be surprised at the costs [for the better]

Don’t forget about smoked salmon and packaged salmon in the fridge aisle, these are always on special and even if not, can be an affordable treat.

Sliced smoked salmon is very versatile and can go a long way: You can make a simple creamy pasta and rip up some slices, or make some cute appetisers with rolled salmon and dill. Too ea$y!

Salmon can also easily be cooked whole when you bake it in foil! Simply wrap up the whole salmon with some lemon and dil, a sprinkle of salt if you prefer, and whack it in the oven! Just don’t forget to check on it for that flaky, “fall of the fork” texture”.

Comment below of your experiences with cooking or ordering salmon, I’d love to hear it!
Sydney Brunch Lyf

[I have cooked it! Check the link below x]


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