Brunching with friends

The really cool thing I like about going out for brunch is that although it is a social event, you can choose delicious meals to consume that are relatively healthier than later times of day such as dinner or dessert. As long as you look for breakfasts with plenty of colour (natural, of course!) you can usually bet it will be nutritious.

People think eating healthy sacrifices on taste, but that is not the case at all. Often super foods and health foods that aren’t mainstream are actually unknowingly really delicious. I suggest you keep your eye out for these foods and give them a go. You never know, you might find a new fave ingredient.

It is really funny, because often the foods you would consider ‘unknown’ or ‘hidden secrets’ end up becoming mainstream! Just like how acai has been around since 2004, and kale is at the end of its hey-day right now!

Some fail safe choices include:

– Eggs Benedict: Not only do you get your protein and vitamins from the egg, but the accompanying ingredients are usually fresh vegetables and a form of protein, whether that be salmon, ham or lean bacon.

– Avocado stack: This is the funny one. Every cafe you go to has this as their ‘signature dish’, but they’re everywhere! It is a failsafe choice, because it is so delicious and healthy. Expect some crunchy sourdough topped with pesto, feta, avocado, rocket and maybe some bacon, depending on the cafe’s design! Usually it is a vegetarian dish, and I love it because I don’t even realise there’s no meat LOL.

– Omelette: Such a good breakfast, because it is feel good. Fresh eggs mixed with vegetables of the season. They are always so tasty you don’t need to think about if it is too ‘healthy’. They are so hearty and fill you up for the morning, you really cannot go wrong. Tip: Go for an egg white omelette if you’re trying to keep the meal lean, you’re friends won’t even have to judge you.

– People say it is too expensive to eat brunch or eat out in the morning, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we know how important nutrition is and where to get it. As long as you’re avoiding fast food, and those greasy McMuffins, you will be spending the same amount of money anyway, so at least it would be nutritious if you hit a cafe instead.

Eat up,



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