Eating beef

imageDid you know 26% of our earth’s surface (not covered by Ice) is dedicated to livestock? And a further 4% for animal feed? That’s 30% of the total earth just for animal consumption- wow!

Last night, I watched a documentary calledΒ Cowspiracy, a 2014 doco which explained the ramifications of food agriculture on the environment. It covered the detrimental effects that farming has on many negative world issues such as deforestation, climate change and how the government hide how badly agriculture affects the environment! It was really powerful and made me consider my own intake of beef.

When I was devising this campaign of eating out and social awareness, I wanted to make it relevant to everyone, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, paleo, a gym junkie, or a food lover!

However, today I want to raise the point of the detrimental effects of agriculture on society, and it doesn’t matter what your stance is or knowledge, it is important to know where your food comes from, and know that you are making conscious choices when eating out!

What vegetarians and vegans care the most about eating meat is the environmental effects and lack of education and awareness to those who don’t know otherwise. Watching this documentary, (and as a meat eater myself), it is made SO clear what they mean when they say why it is soo bad for the environment.

As as a result, I encourage everyone to watch it, it was really interesting and engaging and it would be really awesome if we could spread awareness and education of how bad cattle farming is for the environment..

Imagine the world ate less beef, we would all significantly reduce our carbon/methane footprint and reduce the damage to the Earth #envirolyf

Consider ordering an alternative to beef next time you eat out.

Please comment if you have thoughts, opinions on this topic or have seen the documentary!

Sydney Brunch Lyf


7 thoughts on “Eating beef

  1. A lot of people would argue that crops (wheat etc) are grown in a high quantity and are also detrimental to the environment, and obviously not all or even most vegetarians/vegans are so because of the environmental concerns- I’m certainly not. Having said that, I recently spent a few days in the borderlands of Scotland and, whilst there was nothing but fields for miles, there were very few trees and very many sheep/cows, and from what I could see from the train window it was like that in the country side right down the country to London. I think we have already destroyed the previous eco-systems and cannot recreate them, but there are way too many fields that are used just for sheep and feeding them and we could build houses/trees on a lot of them and still maintain a lot of our livestock.


      1. It’s usable, but it won’t have trees/can’t be used for green energy. Also people have a lot of methane πŸ˜› but yar its not good, its just not the only not good thing about farming

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