Superfood mania


Okay, so they have been circulating for a while now, but there are reasons why many fruit and vegetable have been crowned the title of “superfood”. Let me start with defining what exactly a superfood is.

Superfoods are foods which, often plant-based, but can include fish and dairy; are classified as nutritionally dense foods which are excellent for ones health.

Quick tip: Citrus fruits may be tangy, but they hold AMAZING powers for your body.

Many food have been labelled as “superfoods”, and ones that you know and love may be classified so, and you have no idea! I will first summarise why superfoods are so fundamental, followed by an A+ list to eating superfoods.

Superfoods are known to be especially beneficial for health and well-being, so it makes sense that they are consumed to absorb nutritional properties, whether they be vitamins, anti-oxidants, or other essential nutritional components.

Seeds, berries, nuts, green leafy vegetables are common inclusions in the superfood group, so chances are, you’re probably already consuming these babies and all their goodness!

Let me go through now and give you an easy and indicative guide for your menu hunting and grocery picking needs. Choose menu items which list any of the following ingredients for nutrient dense choices.

Are you vitamin or nutrient deficient? Want to feel good about your food? Read this guide to understand what foods are sensationally powerful for so you can kick away your own dietary and health concerns. EASY!


Brussel Sprouts [Vitamin C, Potassium, Fibre]

Just one cup of Brussel Sprouts give you 124% of your daily recommended Vitamin C needs. Don’t ignore this bad boy!!!!

Kale (Y’all already know this one-LOL) [Vitamins C,A,B6 and potassium, calcium]

Spinach [Vitamins A,C, B6, magnesium]

Broccoli [Vitamins A,B6, C, Fibre]

Not Kidding. Every serving of broccoli gives you 220% of your Vitamin C needs. EAT UP BABY

Chard [Vitamins A, C and magnesium]

Collard [Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C]

Fruit: If you know Sydney Brunch Lyf at all, you’d be familiar with this first one.

Acai berry: Omega 9, Omega 6, potassium, fibre, Vitamins B and K

Pomegranate: Fibre, potassium, Vitamin C,B6

Dragonfruit: fibre, vitamin C, iron

Tomato: vitamins A,C, potassium, fibre

Lemon: vitamin C,B6, A, Β fibre,

Orange: vitamin C,A,B6, fibre, potassium,

Lime: fibre, vitamin C, potassium, flavanoids, antioxidants,

Grapefruit: fibre, vitamins A,C,B6, potassium


Salmon: potassium, protein, vitamins C,B6,B12, magnesium, omega 3

Steel cut Oats: (unrefined), potassium, fibre, protein, magnesium, iron, vitamin B6

Brown rice: fibre, protein, magnesium, vitamin B6


If you would love to know more, or what wouldΒ at choices for you, please comment below!

Also, don’t forget to look for these superstars when you order food, because when you select options with nutrient rich foods, you feel a whole lot better.

happy brunchingΒ !


Sydney Brunch Lyf






7 thoughts on “Superfood mania

  1. Super concise and informative post! Good nutrition is so vital yet most of us (myself included) are so unaware of these super foods and their functions. Will definitely be using this the next time I buy groceries, thanks!


  2. Thank you for these recommendations! I think people want to eat healthy but just don’t know or don’t really understand what to go for! This post certainly helped me out! would love more of posts like these!


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