A comprehensive list of Sydney Farm to Plate restaurants

This is exactly what I have been looking for, I hope you all check out Sydney Foodwise Project’s page- it’s pretty comprehensive!

Sydney Food Wise Project

We’re at it again! Always on the hunt for the places you might not know exist, yet offer you fresh produce, in the true definition of the word.

Here’s the Sydney Food Wise Project list of Sydney restaurants who use locally grown produce:

Abode Darling Harbour
Chef: Ryan Hong  
“The menu revolves around modern bistro concepts with seasonal, locally grown and sourced produce which are being used in a variety of ways. Innovative shared plates designed to bring people together and promote conversation.”

ABODE Image via Instagram: @abodebistro

Agapè Botany
Chef: Simon Lawson

“Agapé Organic™ is breaking down the stigma that organic food is expensive. It doesn’t have to be! Using local ingredients, buying smartly and in season. Organic food is better for you, tastes better and is better for the world we live in. Also, focusing on ancient grains such as spelt and amaranth, which is easy…

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