Cross Eatery, Clarence St Sydney CBD

imageThe other day my friend and I planned to have brunch between our shifts- we work in the city. When he asked where to go, I thought; good question, as I don’t usually brunch in the city but every where else! I hit Google for some recommendations and settled on Cross Eatery located on Clarence st Sydney.

It was open and airy, built in a tower lobby, in a light and spacious area. Usually city cafes are cramped, dark and rustic, however this was modern, minimalistic and inviting. The menu was raw, rigoured and oddball ingredients. When I say that, I don’t mean Octopus jawbones, but think the likes of Pete Evans and his activated almonds. This was your go to place for activated nuts and biodynamic cabbage- which was prominent in my salad, along with raw sprouts and a perfectly poached egg. The coffee was strong and bold, couldn’t have asked for a better experience in the city. Gave a nice peaceful start to the city morning that you wouldn’t expect to feel smack bang in the CBD.


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