Social Hideout Cafe

Today saw me venture to local suburb Parramatta to try out Social Hideout Cafe on Victoria road. After a tough decision of the breakfast or lunch menu, I settled for a burger after seeing the word “Milk Bun”. I was sold. I ordered the Bad Boy Burger, which was a stunningly sounding fried chicken burger with aioli, lettuce, tomato and bacon. $16. It came with a serving of fries and aioli, and amongst its entrance to my table, I was a happy woman.

The milk bun was so soft and fresh, I was very pleased with the bouncy flesh and the glossy finish of the bun. It was also toasted and slightly buttered which helped keep the burger from being dry. The fried chicken was schnitzel-like and very tasty, and whilst great, could have been more succulent, as it was a little overcooked. The aioli was great and generous being on both sides of the bun, and the tomato definitely helped soak the sauce up. Another sauce would have been great though on the bottom to keep it succulent and well balanced, it just needed another kick, a chilli aioli would have worked wonders.

The chips were great, hot and and crispy and salted. Adding pepper was a good kick and the aioli was nice and smooth, just needed a bigger serving of it.

The Green shake I ordered to accompany the meal was good, with apple, kale, celery and lemon was refreshing and tasty, but did get a bit watery from the ice cubes.

My friend ordered the Hayne Plane platter that featured a bit of everything. The nice staff added a good touch to the experience as the decor was nice and pleasant. Check it out if you’re around Parramatta. Their innovative cakeshakes are also worth the try, we were told to order the Nutella one, even though we were keen to try the red velvet. Such a pleasant texture itself.

They do breakfast until 2:30pm, which is generous. Lunch menu available from 11:30am

Social Hideout

2a/20 Victoria Road, Parramatta


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