Hey everyone! I was just doing some food stalking, as you do, on WordPress. I couldnt resist sharing this post by Anna. OMG all the foooddsssss.. And they’re vegan! But also, the best way to make sure you’re eating your carbs!! Please check it out!   Amazing Vegan dish especially for you who do not have a lot of time on their hands but still feed their bodies the best foods! Source: CARB UP. Continue reading CARB UP.

Eating beef

Did you know 26% of our earth’s surface (not covered by Ice) is dedicated to livestock? And a further 4% for animal feed? That’s 30% of the total earth just for animal consumption- wow! Last night, I watched a documentary called¬†Cowspiracy, a 2014 doco which explained the ramifications of food agriculture on the environment. It covered the detrimental effects that farming has on many negative world issues such as deforestation, climate change and how the government hide how badly agriculture affects the environment! It was really powerful and made me consider my own intake of beef. When I was devising … Continue reading Eating beef